Anxiety can be extremely difficult to deal with especially when you are in a public environment. Below i will give you the best tips to understand what triggers your anxiety and how to control it.


Taking a second to just calm your nerves would be the best advice i could ever give. When you’re in a situation and end up getting irritated just simple breathing techniques can help you control and maintain your anxiety.

Eat Well Balanced Meals

While many people don’t believe a simple diet change could reduce or eliminate your anxiety its actually very true. The nutrients you get from healthy and organic foods help balance your mind and heart which is also what controls your anxiety. Too many sugars and fatty foods can change your entire mindset and add to health problems along the way.

Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks

If someone has anger problems before alcohol or caffeine, they can make it 10x worst when consuming it. Same with anxiety. Having anxiety while consuming alcohol can trigger all types of emotions with greatly enhancing the effects of an anxiety attack. i would advise staying away from both alcohol and caffeine while dealing with anxiety.


I cant stress this enough, sleep is the MOST IMPORTANT thing your body can obtain. Not receiving a sufficient amount of sleep can cause all types of problems. From medical issues to anxiety attacks, you should definitely focus on recharging your body and refueling your brain at night to avoid your body shutting down or further issues during the day.


Exercise daily to help you feel good and maintain your health


Exercise is also very important to release any toxins causing anxiety attacks or slight depression. When you get your heart rate going it is a proven fact that it helps your body find balance and pump blood. This will lead to a healthy heart and that ultimately will stop many anxiety attacks from accruing.



With all the advice I gave you above I would say the most important thing of all is doing your best. Try, you don’t have to force anything that will just make things seem worst, but you can attempt to do things that better your life and whoever is in it. Anxiety and depression is something most teenagers go through very often, that can cause it to get worst as they get older, so controlling it now would be ideal. Take a simple first step and start with breathing. As you move on from there you will see that things get better as you go! GOOD LUCK!